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3 Ingredients of Learning


Having access to way more resources than ever before, we are exposed to knowledge that has been gathered by and from the smartest people throughout millennia. It depends on you if you want to learn from just one article on, let’s say 3D printing, or go for an online engineer designing master course. Does it mean that the more possibilities you explore, the clearer your vision on what to learn becomes? Figuring it out is already half of success.


Do you remember these seemingly never-ending lessons at school in which looking through the window was the most entertaining activity? Many people believe that learning has to be a boring or exhausting process. This is because they haven’t discovered their preferred and most effective learning method yet. Adjust your learning to make it fun and engaging to experience something that scientists call flow – you will be impressed how quickly time flies by.


There are two main types of motivation: internal and external. Unfortunately, at school we typically experience external motivation that comes solely from a teacher, and disappears as soon as they leave the classroom even just for a second. Internal motivation, however, comes directly from YOU. Once you have it, you don’t look for excuses to escape from learning, but rather focus on your own goals. Because you know it is going to be you who will benefit from them.

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