I'm Milena...

…and I’m learning how to learn

I’ve grown up in a typical Polish 2+2 family. My parents put a strong emphasis on my and my sister’s education. I had always been a diligent student: the one that does homework right after coming back home and the one that the rest of the class sends to the teachers office each time everybody wants to ask for postponing the test. 

However, things changed when I entered university to become a language teacher. I started noticing more and more flaws in our current education system. We don’t really learn things that prepare us to face rapidly and constantly changing challenges of the modern world. Instead, we focus on dully memorizing the periodic table of elements or start history lessons at each stage of education from Greek mythology. 

I decided to take things into my own hands and learn things I need and want on my own. My current goal is to become fluent in Spanish and thus I’m exploring what learning methods work best for me. Among my other interests are such topics as: healthy routine, sticking to your habits, time management, clear communication, and modern technology. 

You can’t learn effectively if you don’t know how…

I graduated from university with Bachelor diploma in Russian and English philology. Although my parents and environment insisted on me pursuing a Master’s degree, I decided to go to Georgia (the country, not the state) to practice my Russian, while working for a local non governmental organization, where I was responsible for teaching to internally-displaced children.

It was one of the best decisions I ever made. Not only did I strengthen my target languages , but I also gained other valuable skills (in the areas of project management, international communication, and fundraising), but I also noticed just how much you can gain through practice.

I’m not a big fan of our current education system. While I think university education is important and in some fields, such as medicine or law, even crucial(I’d never get on a plane with a “self-taught pilot), I also believe that self-directed learning, together with persistence, determination, and self-awareness, are the key to success in our rapidly changing work environment.





The Right Resources

Today, we are fortunate enough to learn not only from books, but also from dozens of other resources available in our day and age.

Internet gives us free and almost unlimited access to e-books, audiobooks, articles, YouTube videos, podcasts, and forums Then, there are documentaries, online university degree courses, and of course good old-fashioned books. Experts from all places around the world are willing to share their knowledge and experience,very often for free.

The more options we have, the easier we get lost in them, and eventually we end up giving up on our learning goals.

How to choose the best learning resources? Where to look for them? What to avoid? Very often, the answer to this question depends on the trial-and-error method, and it’s you who needs to narrow down the options. However, I’m more than happy to show you what works best for me.