What Minimalism Is All About

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Minimalism is becoming an increasingly fashionable trend these days. It seems that all it takes to participate in this fad is to post a picture of a sandwich or cup of coffee on an empty white background and hashtag it with #minimalism. These aesthetically clear pictures are certainly pleasing to the eye. But how much do they really have in common with minimalism?

Minimalism is not about counting how many things you have (or rather, how many things you don’t have). It is not about a cup of coffee or some singular image on a white background. Minimalism is about the way you approach the world.

A good way to begin the practice of minimalism is giving away the stuff you don’t use anymore. You may be wondering how many things you need to own to call yourself a minimalist. The answer is simple: as many as you need. But even getting rid of all your belongings will not make you a minimalist if you don’t know why you’re doing it. Being a minimalist means focusing on what is important to you, living in peace with yourself and your needs. It does not mean you must turn yourself into an ascetic who eliminates all pleasures.

Minimalism is decluttering your life. It is getting rid of all unnecessary aspects that stop you from digging deeply and uncovering your true self. Minimalism is not only about material things. It includes your relationships, work, habits, food, finances, and other important parts of your life. Minimalism is all about simplifying the meaningful aspects of your life so that you become more effective and learn about yourself.

To apply minimalism towards your life, focus on creating valuable relationships. Spend time with people you can learn something from and share something with. Having just a few close friends lets you focus more on strengthening your bonds with them, creating relationships that will last long.

Listen to your mind or heart, whichever you find more important, and choose one career path. Modify it when necessary, but never change it completely. Being persistent and knowing what you truly want will help you achieve your goal.

Get rid of the habits that take your time without delivering quality to your life. This will create time to pursue something that matters to you.

Pay attention to what you eat. You don’t need to stick to all-green diets, but choose quality over quantity. Always read ingredient lists and choose the foods that feel minimalistic to you. The less ingredients, the better the foods will likely be for your health. Prepare simple meals so that you will save not only time, but also money.

Spend your money rationally. Shopping can make you happy, but this state of happiness will only last for a short time. Shopping is like digging a deep hole. You can never dig deep enough. There are always new collections, seasons, and styles emerging. If you try to follow all of the trends, you will find yourself trapped and unable to keep up.

Make more space in your house. You will create space for yourself to breathe and relax. Simplify your home so that you could post it on Instagram with the hashtag #minimalism if you wanted.

Think of the pictures of the cup of coffee or sandwich on the white background. Ask yourself: Would you have even noticed these daily objects if they were surrounded by tons of things? Decluttering your space will let you focus more on yourself and what is important to you.

Be more with less. 


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